Miz Angie

Miz Angie

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off I Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder...

Every morning I wake up and it's quiet. The only sound that makes it to my ears is the faint sound of the birds rustling in the trees outside. I then think to myself how nice it was to have such a simple thing to wake up to. It's only a couple more weeks now where that sound of singing birds and peaceful silence is going to be something that I could only dream of. Such a simple reality becomes quite the luxury. Now that I know the date, September 16, 2009, I find myself getting more and more nervous by the hour that it draws closer. I constantly am aware of how close I am getting every time I go to sleep and each time I wake up. It's inevitable to rewind; so by moving forward I have to stay strong, prepare, and believe that I will be able to get through my basic military training and that I will "survive." This is what I wanted and I understood that this would be a life changing moment for me. What I didn't realize was how early on it was going to change my life. I am part of a student flight at Gowen Field that has already heightened my passion for the military and has molded a driven little airmen in me. I will always look back on my experiences with the student flight and the people that I was able to get to know. I have learned more from this group of people than any other "group" in such a short period of time. It's truly been an eye opening on how amazingly powerful joining the military is and what the mind and body is capable of doing. I have even had some pretty spiritual moments sitting in that student flight class room. I could easily say that there has been moments in that classroom that have changed my life forever.

I consider the Sgts that take each moment to make the drills the best that they can be to be personal heroes of mine. I believe that I will always look up to them. I also have found the people that I have met in Student Flight to be instant best friends and at the same time having that acknowledgment that they are in fact, your family. So all in all, I believe that these past experiences so far with joining the military and preparing for basic military training through student flight has truly taught me that I can do this and I will be even more likely to shine while I am down in San Antonio, TX in my combat boots.

It's not always easy to do something deliberately; knowing that what it will bring you is CHANGE. Whether or not the change is good is beyond the point. In fact, it's the act itself that makes the overall change in you. Deciding what is right, what is better, and what you can be after all is said and done.

If there are stars out at night, pick one and think of me and make a wish that I may be able to stand the breath of the T.I.'s or possibly that I may be able to keep my composure in my many moments of absolute HELL.

I'm getting close to my crossroad. I see the sign "EXIT NEXT TWO MILES", and realize that I am indeed just around the bend from my BIGGEST adventure yet and may be possibly the most moving experience of my life. I will miss everyone so much and hold them all close to my heart while I am away. So here I go, pumped and ready as ever, to head off into into the wild blue yonder.... HOORAH!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My room mates!

I have been aboslutely blessed to have the most wonderful room mates and friends. They have so much grace and kindness and it has been contagious nonetheless! I am so grateful that I was embraced with such great people in my life and they came just in the nick of time. I was praying for them for so long! I love my home; filled with lots of laughter and good home cooked food... awe, these are defiantly the moments that make the memories later shnie though.!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Riding our Schwins!

Yesterday my parents and I bought Schwin bikes! We decided that this summer we were going to try to get out more and do things together. Today we went for our first ride; it was absolutely exhausting and at the same time hiliarious. We rode to our Aunt Rozs! I couldn't believe how steep the hill was on the way there.... I defiantly enjoyed the ride down. I know my mom was thrilled. Needless to say, getting these bikes was the best thing that we could of done. For we have miles ahead of us and lots of laughter to go with it! :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm officially a blogger...

Hey everyone! I decided that I would join the blogging world and embrace my inner thoughts and everyday experiences. I hope everyone enjoys the moments captured and remembers the way we were, the way we are, and continue to become. :) Love you all.